El acto de la codificación/decodificación como performance

You will receive by post mail, a letter with the following instructions to encode a message of no more than 80 characters, including spaces.

Mark with a marker or ballpoint pen, the corresponding points in each column to be perforated, following the coding provided. Each column corresponds to an alphanumeric character. A special character is incorporated for the «ñ», which is the combination of 9/1

We suggest helping yourself by a rule, to avoid confusion in the columns.

For example to mark the message HELLO DANIEL, it would be necessary to mark: 8/12 (H); 6/11 (O); etc..

You will have to return this template by the same method of traditional mail to the postal address indicated below.

Once received the letters will be drilled by me, in the manual punch card of my property model «Wright punch 2620» of the year 1970.

In some cases, if the messages received invite this, an epistolary relationship can be established with the same protocol, which will also be displayed.

Prof. Daniel Argente
Facultad de Artes
Av. 18 de Julio 1772
C.P. 11200  Montevideo, Uruguay